Events 2024

Open Access Plas

Sunday Afternoon June 30th

 An Aberystwyth University ‘Worlds We Want’ activity to cultivate a sense of shared ownership of university spaces and reflect on the histories of the institution and its global connections and legacies.

  •  1pm-2pm Ground floor reception rooms open to visitors for viewing.
  • 2pm Caroline Palmer –Wales historic gardens expert and author of ‘Historic Parks and Gardens in Ceredigion’ (2004) to give short talk and walk about the history of the house and gardens.
  • 3pm Chloe Griffiths – Ecologist, teacher, citizen science PhD student, and member of Aberystwyth Botanical Society will guide small groups around the Plas gardens on a butterfly-insect hunt.
  • 4pm Milja Kurki, Joseph Thurgate and Dylan Gwynn Jones will lead hour-long walk from Tropical House to solar farm.

*Parking available on campus across the road. Cross only at the traffic island and take care.

Visitors should stick to designated pathways and accompany guides at all times, be aware of uneven ground, and dress for potential wet weather – waterproofs, decent shoes/boots.

Click on the link below to download the schedule for the day:

Open Access Plas schedule – bilingual (PDF)


Aberystwyth Refugee Week – 17 – 23 June 2024

Join us for a series of events to celebrate Refugee Week in Aberystwyth










On Wednesday 19th June, 2-6pm we will hold a celebration of art, music, poetry and diverse community in Aberystwyth Bandstand. 

Activities will include collaging, embroidery, pebble painting and henna painting. We will also hold a music and poetry jam!

Everyone is welcome and children’s activities will be provided throughout the afternoon.

This event is free entry with no ticket required. 


In the evening of Wednesday 19th June, please join us for a fundraising gig with the Worldwide Welshman & Friends at Y Cŵps / The Coopers Arms, from 8pm. 

There is no ticket required, and we will invite cash donations to be shared among selected charities supporting refugees locally and globally.


On Sunday 22 June, 6pm there will be a special screening of the film ‘Green Border’, with a discussion and Q&A at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Cinema. 

Booking is required through the Arts Centre. 


If you would like to contribute to any of the events, please contact us at:

And if you would like to join us, just come along on the day!


Previous events

5th October 2023 – Tŷ Trafod Ymchwil (Research Dialogue Hub) Open House event held by Tŷ Trafod to gather all three hubs (and those interested in the hubs) to hear a bit more about what they are doing and their plans for the coming year.

1-7 November 2023 – Pursuit of Peace. 1st November, Peace for Lunch, Tŷ Trafod. 3rd November, Y Drwm, National Library of Wales. Researchers at Aberystwyth University generate a wide array of ideas and innovations that can contribute significantly to peaceful living.

3rd-5th November 2024 NLW – Matthew Jarvis – Research Exhibit Sidebodies: A series of visual poems which could be tied together to speak to questions of how developing ideas of peace in a ‘more than human’ context is vital in context of climate change.

10th November 2023 – Exhibitions as events roundtable discussion group. Connecting to a wide set of audiences, stakeholders and research participants in new ways, using exhibitions as a way of sharing and engaging people. Organised by The Worlds We Want Research Hub and the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society, this session brought together a wide range of experts on generation of impact and knowledge exchange through exhibitions. Speakers were Dr Anwen Elias, Prof Andrea Hammel and Prof Berit Bliesemann de Guevara.

6th December 2023 – TWWW Research Hub event, Tŷ Trafod. A ‘Sharing Ideas’ brown bag session where Gareth Hoskins (DGES) and Kim Knowles (TFTS) shared their ideas around Commemorative Justice and Art and Ecology Knowledge Exchange respectively, followed by a discussion on their ideas and findings, and how to inspire new projects and collaborations within the hub.

15th December 2023 – TWWW Opportunities Group meeting, Tŷ Trafod. To discuss current external research funding calls and to help forge relevant collaborations within the university, and brainstorming ideas for a healthy planet, people and place.

9th January 2024 – TWWW opportunities discussion and comments on a TWWW member’s grant application.

24th January 2024 – Social Innovation Research Group – Symposium 2024 (supported event) Hugh Owen Building. An opportunity to hear about and discuss some of the social innovation related research being undertaken at Aberystwyth. A platform for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, share insights, and foster meaningful connections.

26th January 2024 – TWWW Opportunities Group meeting, Tŷ Trafod. Follow up discussion to 15th December meeting, to mind-map initial ideas further, strategizing healthy planet, people and place.

31st January 2024 – Session on Co-production of research, Tŷ Trafod . Organised by the Knowledge Centre, in collaboration with TWWW, the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society (CWPS), and the International Politics Research Seminar (IPRS). This seminar invites staff across AU to share experiences and explore key questions about participation in knowledge co-production and the construction of ‘expertise’ outside of the immediate academic field.

14th February 2024 – ‘Creative Assessment, Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence’ (SoLL and TWWW joint event, led by Alex Mangold), Tŷ Trafod. A talk using recent results from the ‘Creative Modern Languages Project’ to show how CA can improve and sustain student engagement and how it relates to active learning agendas and the New Welsh Curriculum.

21st February 2024 – TWWW-CMOP-SoLL. Voices of Women Writers, Hugh Owen Building. Using Language to Negotiate Identity in Transmigratory Contexts, Elena Spagnolo.

27th February 2024: TWWW -CMOP workshop: Talk by Eli Auslender on Refugees and Agency, Tŷ Trafod.

13th March 2024 – Research Collaborations: your next steps. Aligned with new AU initiative AberCollab (link), this TWWW workshop designed to assist AU researchers in developing their collaborative working with relevant external partners and hosted in collaboration with the Dialogue Centre and RBI. The session will detail the AberCollab support scheme and will provide an opportunity to start developing ideas for collaboration ahead of the AberCollab deadline on 25th March.

14 May 2024 – ‘Screening and Sharing: Decolonial Pedagogies in Wales HE. A screening of Sugarlands in the TFTS screenings room at AU followed by a discussion panel with academics and HE practitioners from Aberystwyth, Bangor and Cardiff universities.